5 Tips To Make Soft And Round Roti|Chapati


Roti is something most important part of Indian Platter. Specially in North India roti has its own importance. This Flatten Indian bread is known as roti and chapati. Today I will give you some tips and instructions to make soft and round roti. These tips are very much important for beginners as they have to serve their yummy curries and veggies with this roti or paratha only.
We read many recipes and try them but roti is always a day to day neccesity in Indian kitchen which should be known by all.

Step By Step Recipe For Round And Soft Roti/Chapati

Recipe Type- Main Coarse

Cuisine- Indian/Sub continent

Preparation Time (Per Roti) – 2 Minutes

Cooking Time- 2 Minutes

Total Time- 4 Minutes

Roti Recipe  Ingredients

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  • Kneaded Dough (Wheat Flour)
  • Wheat Flour
  • Desi Ghee

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