Eggless coconut Macaroons/cookies


Quick recipe of egg less coconut cookies (Macaroons), quick coconut cookies takes only 30 minutes to prepare without egg. This is usually my favorite type of cookies since childhood, I am very sure that every child or person should like this recipe, this recipe of egg-less coconut cookies is very healthy for all and mainly made for pure vegetarian lovers. Coconut is very healthy natural ingredient from nature, coconut have many good qualities like coconut gives strength to your body, our sugarless and egg less coconut cookies will surely give a sweetness in your mouth without any sugar.

Recipe of sugarless and egg less coconut cookies or macaroons
Recipe Type- sweet/ dessert
Preparation Time- 5 minutes
Cooking Time- 25 minutes
Total Time- 30 minutes
Served- 8-9 cookies or macaroons

Egg less coconut cookies Ingredients

½ cup sweetened condensed milk (150-155 gm)
1.5 cup desiccated coconut (90 gms)
½ tablespoon vanilla extract or vanilla essence
7-8 cherries, in half pieces

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