Janmashtami Special Panchamrit Recipe For Abhishek

Today we are celebrating auspicious day of Janmashtami. This lovely festival is popular in India, as well as in Most of the other countries on Globe.
Janmashtami is the Appearance Day of Supreme Lord Krishna. This festival is celebrated in homes as well as temples with full of joy & in a Royal Manner with Maha Abhishek.

panchamrit janmashtami

We will also do abhishek of our Ladoo Gopal, for that I Prepared Panchamrit.

As per vedic culture Abhishek with panchamrit is very Important & Divine.

You can also make this Panchaamrit for daily Pooja, Offer it to Lord Krishna, then distribute it among family members.

This Panchamrit has many divine qualities and it is purely amazing health drink, much better than any artificial health drinks.

On next page I will tell you How to Make Panchaamrit & How it will benefit your health in amazing ways.

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