Miracle Diet Chart For Diabetic Patients


You know diabetics patient needs 3 essential components in their lifestyle to control Sugar Level. These 3 components are, Daily Walk & Exercise or Yoga , Medicine on Right Time, and most important is Right Food.
So as I am surrounded by so many diabetic patients in my family & society, I got to know proper diet chart for diabetic patients. Today I am sharing diet chart for diabetic patients as per Indian lifestyle.
This diabetic diet chart is very much practical as per Indian and south Asian eating habits. I hope this diabetic diet chart will help you or any of diabetic patients in your family or friend circle. By following this diet chart you can easily get control on your blood sugar level.

Time To Time Diet Chart To Get A perfect Lifestyle For Diabetic Patients  

06:00 Am

  • ½ Teaspoon Fenugreek Powder/Methi Dana+Water (Empty Stomach)

07:00 Am/Tea Time

  • 1 Cup Tea (Without Sugar/Sugar Free)/ + 2 Biscuits (Monaco/Cream Crackers/Mc Vities)

8:30 AM/Breakfast

  • 1 Plate Upma( With Veggies)+ 100 Ml Skimmed Milk (Without Sugar)
  • 1 Stuffed Prantha(Paneer/Pyaj/Gajar/Gobhi)+ 100 Ml Skimmed Milk ( Without Sugar)
  • 1 Plate Poha+ Milk
  • 1 Bowl Sprouts+ Slice Of Paneer/Cottage Cheese
  • Dalia/Oats/Brown Bread Toast/Besan Ka Cheela+ 100Ml Skimmed Milk

10:30 AM

  • 1 Fruit (Apple/Pear/Orange/Plum/Peach) + Lemon Water+ Skimmed Butter Milk (Salted)

01:00 PM/ Lunch Time

  • 2 Roti/Chappati Of Mixed Flour ( Aata+Chane ka Aata+Soyabean Aata)+ 1 Bowl Boiled Rice+ 1 Bowl Pulse+ 1 Bowl Low Fat Yogurt+ Half Bowl Green Vegetable Or Any Dry Vegetable+ Salad

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6 Responses

  1. Poonam Taneja says:

    It’s good
    Sab falo Kare to dr ke pass Jane Ki jarurt nhi

  2. Kalyani K says:

    we r unable to view the fulldiet chart

  3. Anil says:

    This helps but diabetics need 7 day menu. Can’t eat same thing every day!

  4. Santosh rajgaria says:

    Nice chart